What if Google were a guy

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The human search engine Mr. Google has to answer all sorts of pointless inquiries again - also to one of the worst rivals.

The boys and girls from “College Humor” took their time for almost exactly a year - for the fourth edition of their popular clip “If Google were a guy”. The search engine was last seen as a person in the office in October 2014.

As in the previous editions, poor Mr. Google has to continuously answer more or less meaningful questions from people standing in line in front of his office - be it about how to become a NASA astronaut, be it whether drinking milk that has already expired has any health-related issues Have consequences.

But he only gets really angry when a persistent questioner asks him succinctly about “Facebook” instead of going straight to him - just like in real life, when you lazily put the name into the Google search box instead of the browser's address bar is typing…

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