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Misconception 10: The Ctrl key

"’ Ctrl ’on the German PC keyboard stands for’ String ’" The truism of German-speaking PC users

Admittedly, the gaffe with the Ctrl key isn't a big deal. But annoying. Especially when you deal with PC users regularly - and keep hearing the same mistake.

Since the German PC keyboard has existed, German native speakers have repeatedly referred to the Ctrl key at the bottom right as the “string key”. This is probably because “Ctrl” is used in English-speaking countries as an abbreviation for the term “string”, which means Denotes strings.

The "Strg" on the German computer keyboard is simply an abbreviation for the German word "Steuerung". This is especially clear when you look at the English keyboard. In the same place there is a Ctrl for "Control" - which in turn means "Control". As is known, the key is used to send control commands for operating systems and programs.

Admittedly: "Ctrl" is perhaps an abbreviation for the control key that was chosen to be misleading. But what sense should it make to give the key that is responsible for control characters on a German keyboard with the English word for "string" of all things? Not very logical. You might even discover for yourself that it is sheer nonsense to speak of the "string key".

By the way: The AltGr key stands for "alternative graphic" and not for ancient Greek. People who make these mistakes should be asked if the "Delete" key will degrease the computer.