This website provides a way for you to write and store letters, words or passwords to your friends and family. Each letter, when finished, will be stored securely and encrypted with a special password of your choosing. No one will be able to read any of your letters while you're still alive. If someone attempts to read a letter, this website will initiate a process to determine whether you are in fact dead and whether your letter should be released. As a first precaution, Raziel will send you an email every day for two weeks - if you respond to these emails your credentials will stay locked. If you don't respond, all is not lost - Raziel  will then attempt to contact up to five of your closest friends (of your choosing) every day for two more weeks. If any of them respond to say that you are alive, your credentials will stay locked. Your credentials will only be unlocked if neither you nor any of your friends responds to a month of constant emails.